Tuesday, 5 June 2012


We spent the Jubilee pretty much in the fields, hubby convinced me to take my camera and I spent hours trying to capture those long tailed tits or Black Caps.  The dogs loved it because instead of tramping round the fields we kept stopping and lying in the grass waiting patiently for birds to fly onto nearby trees.  Overall it wasn't as tiring as a normal walk but I was tired from all the fresh air we had. Bear especially loved it as he kept trying to knock me over and pull my arm, I am sure he was a rescue dog in his previous life!

I know most of you will have attended street parties and for those who live in London had the wonderful day by the Thames and of course the concert. 

I was sad to read that Ray has spent a day being over tired, this miserable cancer can sometimes spoil the most precious of times and that is what is so annoying.  Along with the tiredness comes the pain which is wearing too and unless you experience both it is so difficult to explain to others.  I have found recently that my armchair is much more comfortable than the bed but then I only nod off occasionally in the chair and haven't slept all night in it.  I have started using a small pillow for my legs because they ache so bad but even that hasn't really helped and the thought sometimes of retiring to bed isn't a happy thought at all.

Yesterday as I was trying to get close to a young deer hubby took the dogs the other way so as not to disturb the thing, he was probably out of my sight for 15 minutes and as I made my way back to him and the dogs I saw him running towards the fence.  My heart was in  my mouth thinking that Bear had gone through to where the cattle are.  The grass is so long I couldn't see the dogs, then in a flash of an eye hubby went flying, arms flaying as he tripped and disappeared down a hole.  I tried to run but found the going extremely hard, running in long grass when you're fit is one thing, running with one lung working is quite another.  As I approached he was picking himself up and checking his prized camera and lens, I finally reached him breathless to find out that he had spotted the buzzard and was running to get a better view!  Next time watch where you're walking was on the tip of my tongue. 

I wish I had stood still and rolled the film so to speak because flicking through my memory of it, it was a scene off You've Been Framed.

That's all our news from here, just had a quick phone call to let me know an old friend of the family has died from lung cancer, he was only diagnosed 3 weeks ago.  I am pleased it was so quick as he hasn't had to suffer but at the same time shocked, although he was in his 80's. 

Back to normal tomorrow, I do hope Ray has a better day and to everyone else No Surrender

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Tracy said...

love this picture, so wonderful (except that it is not hot sunny like you prefer)
might have to add this to a folder for me to share on the picture box...