Thursday, 30 May 2013

Another Day of Back Manipulation

What a week we are having from hot weather to brutally cold days then muggy nights.
Today was my visit by to the physiotherapist, I asked him to be gentle with me as it seems this nerve problem is doing all kinds of weird and unwonderful things.  Who could believe that even passing water could become so painful, no stinging but a dull pain in the muscles.
He reiterated that the damage will take months to correct and that the brain is trying to deal with the different signals, hence the pain travels to different places.  Please I begged, I just want to be normal!  To think this all started with some strange spasm in my left leg when I lifted it a certain height or went to sit or cross or my legs.
Ever since surgery I have stayed away from massages on my back, allowing only along my shoulders even though I would love a great back rub.  Now I wonder if I had allowed a back massage would I be having all this trouble now?  Although by the time he has pressed on my poor left side, where all my thickening resides I wonder if I am doing more damage than good.
We take so much for granted, I just seem to go from one pain event to another, maybe if I turn my thoughts around and say give me more pain it might just disappear!  Now that would be nice.
Many meso warriors around the world are facing rounds of chemotherapy or trials for new drugs, it is frightening now to think how many people actually have this terrible cancer and yet we are no further forward than we were 8 years ago with a different chemotherapy treatment.  If asbestos is a natural fibre then somewhere near its mining area most be something that can destroy it.  I wish there was a dog leaf we could eat that killed the tumours that develop in our bodies.
I am also still upset at the fact I am still waiting for my results, by the time I get them it will be 2 months to the next scan, (if that is actually done on time) not much time for celebrating all is ok, then today I received another letter with a different appointment date for my oncologist.  I'm not sure whether the one in early June has been cancelled and the one end of June is now replacing it which will make it nearly 9 weeks after the scan.  Another job tomorrow to ring and see what is going on.
Lexi came through her surgery, thankfully.  Although we were worried as when we rang at 1 pm she was still under her blanket and not moving much.  They found two tumours and removed both together with a small lump removed from her rear right ankle and one from the top of her left rear paw.  Then they looked at her pile and removed that, only to end up having to stitch inside her anus as the pile was much deeper than anticipated.  The poor dog is not a happy girl, she looks at hubby adoringly and gives me daggers.  Maybe because I'm the one that gives her the nasty tasting meds!
That's it from here, hope we all live to fight another year, we are driven by the will to live and long may that continue.

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