Saturday, 4 May 2013

Home Again

Why is it the days seem to roll into one when you are coming to the end of your holidays and what you did on day one you can't remember.  The holiday is truly over and this morning I will call in to work to try and catch up before Monday morning's onslaught of everyone needing a piece of me.
I have to say I have enjoyed the time away, ok a few ups and downs, my leg being the most annoying and hopefully when I see the physio on Thursday I may get some relief as the massages didn't really do it.
The internet access drove me to distraction along with only having the Ipad to work with, how many of you can use this for typing and emailing I just don't know, I found it hard going most of the time.  I wish I could say to Amanda I have brought the sunshine back for you in a big bottle but unfortunately it never seems to reach us, as we flew through the blue sky's yesterday across from Italy I thought hey it may be nice and sunny in good old blighty but as we crossed the white cliffs banks of cloud approached us.  In fact our decent was through heavy thick cloud that whipped the plane or way and another.
I read a couple of good articles on living after cancer and one on MKMRF.  Living with mesothelioma certainly has it's ups and downs, this pain in my leg and butt cheek for instance, I am worrying, hopefully needlessly, that it is a bit of growth on the bottom left of my lung which is now pressing on a nerve instead of me perhaps doing something like sitting the wrong way and pulling a muscle.
The last day of our cruise was in Sorrento, but you know I just couldn't be bothered to get off the ship and visit, yes it looked lovely from out in the water and I should have made the effort but I needed a day of relaxation.  I felt guilty for not visiting but I am sure we will get there again.  We spent a cold night up on deck having dinner with people who were strangers 10 day ago but became friends over the course of the holiday.  Because of the internet I am sure we will be in touch, not like the olden days where you just could never be in touch so easily.
Two of the party we befriended have a large Doctor's practise in Pittsburgh, they told me they hadn't had a case of meso for ten years.  Pittsburgh was a notorious hot spot for this disease and now they have a total decline so how come the rest of the world is still on an upward rating.
The dog's were certainly pleased to see us, we dropped the bags off and took them straight out for a walk, I haven't seen both tails go so much from left to right for ages.  Bear ran around the fields sniffing who had been around his property over the last week, boy did he have fun, whereas Lexi stayed by our sides.
Well that's it for now, have a busy night tonight, a 65th birthday party to attend, just hope I don't over do myself today and find I'm tired!
Time for me to catch up on everyone's blogs and see what's being happening while I've been away.  I truly hope that Amanda and Ray have finally found themselves out and about enjoying themselves.

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