Saturday, 11 May 2013

Out in Paperback The DreamWeaver's Choice

My book has arrived, all nice and printed and ready to for sale.  After a few problems on paypal I have it up for sale but heavens knows what has happened on Amazon.
I set it up (I think) when young Jack came to help do some changes, but can I remember about it - no, so trying to get back into Amazon on the paperback is impossible.  Also a friend in the States tried to buy it, they accepted the order a month ago but never sent details onwards.  This has been quite a concern so today, if I can get my brain to work, I am going back in and deleting to start again for the Paperback.
Liz, my good friend and proof reader, has taken away some 38 books to sell, Chris Knighton will be receiving 250 to start with for the MKMRF to sell at the up and coming events which leaves me the rest to hope people will buy.
Many are still old fashioned and like to have a book in front of them rather than the kindle version, although the Kindle Version will ultimately make more cash for the fund as there are no p&p costs associated with it.
If you don't like vampires, then think of the characters as assassins for the government or treat the book as a spy thriller, come on please get behind me on this and lets get funds in for the charity.

On a sad note have just heard my best friend lost one of her german shepherds during the night, today will be hard for her and her hubby, our dogs are family.  I dread the day when we lose our Lexi, it was 4 years this month since we lost our Tyke and the pain is still in our hearts.

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