Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Feeling Better

At last I am back to getting to where I was before having to spend time in the hospital.  I have lost weight (again) and after seeing how bad the elderly ladies looked on the ward I really want to get some beef on.  Most people would be over the moon to loose another 1lb or two but since going on hols I have lost 3 lbs, which I just can't afford to loose.  My skin is starting to look like my mothers, muscle deterioration etc doesn't do you any good what so ever.

My brother Nev is also really ill with a chest infection, infact I am starting to worry whether he has meso.  He already suffers from MS but for the last 10 days he has also been plagued by a bad chest, thinking about it his chest never seemed to clear up from last year when he had Swine Flu.  I can't believe he hasn't been put in hospital on the Respiratory Ward because he doesn't sound good.

Thank God I have Dr Owens to email and ask stupid questions of, this heart thing really knocked me, As usual his calm and reasoning came through on his reply.  I have been taking my blood pressure again and it is back on the low side, 101 over 65 this is healthy if you exercise but not sure which category it puts me in!  The dizzy spells are happening again in bed.

I also heard from Karen last week, she sent a short note  passing on the sad news about her father.  Unfortunately he lost his battle against this cancer.  I am pleased that he did feel some sun on his body recently.  I know that Karen and her family are still in shock because he went downhill rather quickly and on behalf of the meso circle we send them our thoughts.

I have met a young guy who lost his wife to cancer at the age of 29, leaving behind a very young child.  It is 2 years since she died and the pain is as raw in his eye's now as I am sure it was the day he lost her.  Although the cancer isn't meso it is again a rare cancer and I have asked if he would write her story so I can post it on the Website.

Speaking of Website's our friend's partner in Dubai has offered to enhance the website and help sort the database so to collect info.  I must get it sorted shortly.

Time is ticking on and my eye's are getting tired so will end this blog for today.  Have had to change the office around and am working on wifi because Bear ate all my network cables, so my email won't let me send out and because we have 3' stone walls the wifi keeps crashing! ~Guess another problem for another day.

Keep strong meso mates, when you start to falter on this pathway we have ahead, close your eye's try to imagine the sun high in the sky, the sound of the sea in your ears and fill up with new energy.  We all have such a terrible fight and that's usually just with the Doctors! 


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