Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sunshine Was Great

After the flight of 7 plus hours then the circling at Dubai airport we finally arrived.  I must admit the circling at 5000 ft + did cause a little pain but overall the only aches I really had were from sitting or lying at a funny angle and the left side felt like the corset was well and truly bolted to my ribs.

Our first day I decided to lift the MST to 130 morning and night and it did give some extra relief but the best was the sun, by day 6 I was starting to feel great, unfortunately that was our last day, but for the first time in too many months I actually felt what it most be like to have no pain!

We met up with Benet and finally we met her partner, we were beginning to think he was a ghost and didn't really exist, but no he managed to escape work early one night and we all went to dinner.  I had hoped to meet up on our last night but by the time we left the beach and packed I was ready to crawl into bed, 3 am wake up calls aren't my favourite.  That's the other thing I get frustrated about, once over I could be up, showered and out within 30 minutes, these days its at least 90 before I have got my body in some sort of working order.

We did have one night where I had felt terrible all day and ended up going to the room and just doing nothing.  The humidity didn't suit me like it use to do and I did feel breathless a little but overall I still managed a couple of walks a day and enjoyed them

I was even shocked that I went into the sea, obviously my scar will really benefit from this, salt water is a great healer.

So I haven't exploded and hopefully my body will go into overdrive on the repair route, the only thing was when we came home our Lexi had been at her bottom and was rushed to the vets.  Bear has grown and for the first time since having him he wants nothing to do with me, hopefully in a day or two he will forget that I left him for a week.

All that leaves is start working out where we will go next ......

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