Friday, 14 May 2010

Hospital Stayover because of Mesothelioma

I never thought I would end up in hospital due to a cold so all of you out there, don't waste time wondering should I go to the Doc's or not.  I went to bed Wednesday night a little tight chested and felt like I wasn't getting any air to my lungs, On Thursday I awoke with a panic attack as I just couldn't breathe, well not exactly a panic attack but this awful feeling.  I asked hubby if he would make me an appointment at the doctors and because I just didn't feel well I stayed in bed.  He came back up an hour and a half before the appointment with a cuppa but I still didn't want to get up.  I told him I would forgo a shower (which isn't me) so he suggested calling an ambulance and I wasn't impressed ... you know the "why do I need an ambulance  I just have a cold blah blah" really I should have called an ambulance at 6.00 am that morning, in fact I should have made an appointment last Monday with the Doc and all would have been well.  We arrived at the doc's who turned us around and sent us directly to hospital.  They in turn checked me over and after a few tests  sent me onward by ambulance to the main hospital at Darlington.  Normally I would be kicking and screaming but I just couldn't be bothered, I hurt and even more I was scared, this not being able to get my breath was a worry and although it only lasted for a short while it gave my imagination to much to think about. 

To be honest I think during the day I was having strange dreams and although I knew I was dreaming when I was normal I felt that something in these dreams was important or had something to do with what was going on.  At least that was the sensation I kept getting and even now as I am sitting here I feel the same. 

This morning after spending the night on oxygen and having steroid's fired up my nostrils at 530 miles per hour I felt fine, infact I was helping (or hindering) the ladies being the youngest (nearly 50) on the entire ward of 29 beds! I felt somewhat of a wanted person early on when a young Trainee Doc asked if he could do his assessment on me, then I met another Doc who had heard of me through the Meso meetings etc, of course I was trying to convert them to take an active interest in mesothelioma! The decision was made at 8am that all being well I would be on my way home by lunch.  Well what happens, you all know once you get in you can never get out, that's why I hate hospital's so much. The amount of time you hang around waiting for your mam or dad to be discharged.  Anyway it was my turn, I was leaving (well waiting to leave and as usual pharmacy was holding the job up) then along comes Ann who says that my ECG shows I have a problem with my heart, she says "we know it was there in 09 because you had heart failure and an ECG was taken" but is my heart showing a problem that could have been there for a while was it just an abnormality because of surgery or is it something more sinister?  I saw one of the Chest Doctors (although I wasn't admitted under him on this visit) who told me the lining has thickened, there was talk of an embolism (thankfully it isn't).   So where am I now, well I am home, taking horse tablets for the infection but need to return for further heart discussions and also to return back to the chest clinic.  All I can tell you is that I am totally worn out and will debate further on this tomorrow.

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