Sunday, 23 May 2010

Bring on the Weather

Wasn't it wonderful to sit out in the garden and feel the sun warm those tired bones.  Trouble is when you're at home you don't sit long enough to catch the rays, you are constantly up and down, in and out swapping washing over or refilling the dog's water etc.  The mornings have been the best, I was up with Lexi about 6.45 and the sky was that beautiful blue, not a cloud and it was lovely and warm.

Having another round of insomnia again, although by 4am I am usually falling to sleep and don't want to be up when 8am comes around.  Since the chest episode last week my eyes are constantly wanting to drift off but then if I allow them to I probably only get 10 minutes.  I mentioned my Brother having a bad chest too he went to see my chest guy and he was questioned about asbestos etc.  Dear God I hope that he doesn't have this too, he is getting a CT Scan and my heart will be in my mouth until his results are in.  He has fluid again on his lung, it could be caused by the MS as his body muscles don't work like they should or it could be an infection either of these two would be good as I couldn't bear it if it was mesothelioma.

I am unsure about what is happening with my own body, since last week I have had a strange pain hanging over my heart area, trouble is I have had pain there before so can't say whether its a different pain or the same type of pain.  My echo has been organised via my GP and takes place back end of June, hopefully I will be back to my joyful self. 

I shouldn't complain at this time as quite a few of my close meso circle are having a rotten time of things, Two are going through Chemo, one is wondering what he will be treated with and K has been knocked back again with another chest infection setting off fluid on the lung etc.  I wonder why with one good lung still working we end up having problems getting oxygen ... surely someone out there could answer that.

My eye's are closing so am going to make this one short, I just hope that we get some good news and I can post something that will bring a lot of cheer to our heavy hearts.

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