Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Hope for Some

Remember when we went on our chemo's, we always had a kidney test to ensure that we could cope with the toxins produced and our kidneys wouldn't fail - it's one of those things we don't think about again.  I remember when I went back on Alimta the 2nd time and had to spend a day up at Newcastle having them checked again and it was only then that I remembered the first time.

Why am I mentioning this, one of my meso friends has had kidney failure - was it the chemo or was it the contrast - he isn't sure but he has been out to Germany and like Alimta, the chemo's in Germany work for some and not for others and affect each person in different ways.  Maybe Prof V should look to see how toxic his chemo's used are and decide whether his patients should undergo the kidney test beforehand, just to rule out any possibility of the kidney's being unable to deal with the chemo working it through the system. 

No treatment against mesothelioma is 100% safe but hopefully there are some safety nets in place for all treatments.  It's back to seeing which treatment can accomplish what.  I know that cryo-ablation will not remove thickening or reduce it, but it can take out individual massess and take away pain where the mass is pushing on nerves.  I will ask why the probes can't be inserted in to thick mass when I am there.

We know that chemo can reduce individual massess and the thickening, but with a lot of side effects.  If we were dealing with a normal cancer then removing that mass and we would stand a better chance of being cancer free, but we have thickening, which is hundreds - neigh millions of cancer cells all stuck together creating a beans on toast affect around our lung. 

Surgery and take it all away but eventually it does return.

If you are ever in doubt about starting any treatments, research and research again. Visit as many forums as possible, read personal blogs where the writer has experienced first hand the downfalls they went through.  I know several people who have had no problems with side effects from Chemo, and I know several who have suffered as bad as me and a few that have suffered much worse. 

Trials can also leave you in a worse state than you started out, if it did manage to kill the meso then it is worth the suffering but if you had no positive results, your quality of life can be ruined.

One thing I do know, if your kidney's fail due to one chemo you are unable to ever try a different one and that rules out the only main treatment we have.

I had made my mind up to have chemo as soon as I come back from the States but I have been thinking and if my thickening seems stable I may withhold for a couple of months - sometimes meso can just stop for no reason.  As long as I get these massess taken away, as much do to do with new pain as well as debulking, then take a few months out to get a little stronger before the grueling 5 months ahead.  My luck the thickening will be twice the size again and I won't have the luxury to decide.

Keep fighting and good luck to everyone

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