Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Dates for Cryo-ablation

My date has arrived and flights are booked, 4 weeks and counting.  I am a little nervous, aren't we all when we are having something done.  I will need another full scan out there before he starts but at least he will know for sure what he can reach and what he can't. 

If cryo-ablation is something you are considering but aren't sure whether it will help if you contact me on  I don't mind taking your scans for Dr Abtin to review.

My GP rang the other night to see what was happening, I told him that I was advised to go on chemo by everyone, including Dr Abtin.  I also said that going to the USA probably wasn't going to be viewed as a good thing but as a good doc he reminded me that its my body and my life.  I guess he will be busy over the next few weeks trying to  find out what Chemo I can have etc.  I am still waiting for Andy Hughes to see me but I haven't heard anything yet.  

Hubby really doesn't want me on chemo again, he hated watching me go through suffering the first time so when I told Dr Jose (GP) that chemo was next on the list after cryo hubby's face dropped a mile.  I am hoping that this time it will be different, but not sure about my yak stomach.  If it use to go like a boiled tomato then what will it be like now considering it feels awful every morning as it is.  Maybe another Chemo won't be as bad as Alimta and Carbo mixed.

Others get good results with the Chemo, Chris S and Colin have done well so maybe I will do well this time.  Can only keep my fingers crossed and hope my time isn't up!

With that Cheery note, and another quick one, Debbie and Cliff have both back to stable so Well Done, it always makes you feel good when others are doing well.


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