Friday, 18 March 2011

Radio Frequency Ablation

How can I forget something that I researched and yet I did.  I received an email yesterday from a gentleman that included info on RFA.

I guess because I have been dealing with Dr Abtin since 2008 it was only natural for me to go back for cryo but for anyone else who have nodules this would be an ideal way of blasting them.  Strange again though how none of the medical profession have mentioned this.

For updated information please visit their website

I am pleased to see Prof Lee's is still involved.

I would also add that previously anything over 2 cm were untreatable, this has now changed to upto 5cm.  You all know that I believe in debulking, and by treating any cancer nodules, not only are you debulking but giving some pain relief at the same time.

Who knows, my next visit on regrowth may be back to RFA if they will have me.

For my own health at the moment, I don't know whether it could be classed as a natural thing, but occasionally I dream that I am vomiting badly and I wake up with a very dry mouth.  Part of me believes this is my body trying to dispose of the cancer, as I had many of these dreams before I had surgery.  My first recurrence of this dream  was about 3 months ago, and then I have had two or three, the last one a couple of nights ago.  I am sure though that this would be explained away by saying my mouth is open during the night!

Keep safe and keep fighting. 

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