Thursday, 16 February 2012

Life itself

I know that we have been given a rotten stack of cards but the last couple of days 3 people I know have experienced unexplained deaths.  They didn't have meso just normal people you know that one day are alive, go to bed and don't get up.  Someone said to me considering you were suppose to die quite a while a go it just shows you never know whats around the corner or when your number is up.  Its quite true really, the only difference is these 3 didn't have to worry about dying or fighting to stay alive as far as they knew everything was fine and dandy in the garden of health.  Knowing what's a head is a lot worse than not knowing because we are preparing to fight it all the time, and that takes energy even if we don't realise it..

I read that 2 Italians were awarded 16 years each for negligence with asbestos.  One of the guys is 90, does locking up an old man of 90 really do any good.  Don't get me wrong if the use of asbestos and its dangers were known by him and his fellow shareholder then they do need ousting and they should compensate those they inflicted this disease on, but we don't know the full facts of when they were running the business, was it pre or pro 1965?  The article wasn't explicit enough so I am holding judgement on the case for the moment.

In the early years of this cancer hubby took me off to Dubai for Valentines and had planned to do the same this year (so he tell's me), but alas with no dogsitters and Lexi not too well he went for the normal and had flowers delivered. 

Our first Valentine I sent him an orchard so this year I sent him an orchard plant.  Who say's romance dies as you get older.

I truly hope we manage to get back to Dubai or somewhere like Barbados to celebrate next year's Valentine's Day.

I hope you managed to make the most of the day where ever you were or however old you are.

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amanda said...

Hi Jan,
gosh but that's a big question. Is it better to know and live with that knowledge or for it to be unexpected. I suspect everyone will have their own thoughts on this one.

I suppose either way we should always be with the people we love and make sure nothing goes unsaid.