Sunday, 26 February 2012

Weekend Walk in the Wind

It was a great Saturday and Sunday out with the dogs.  Although hubby had to drive down the field for me as the wind by the gate was too strong and I really needed to get some fresh air into my lungs.  Although it was quite windy over the woods I took my camera and got a few shots of the dogs doing what dogs do, sniffing every patch of grass where either a Rabbit, Deer or Fox has walked over.

The trial I was going to see about on Friday was pulled as a person on it had terrible skin problems (something like his skin was falling off).  I thought I was just going to authorise them to get a sample of my tumour and talk about what they have on offer - not to actually sign the dotted line, guess I was saved from making that decision.

It was great too seeing Chris Knighton on the regional news along with two other meso sufferers that I know, Peter by email only and Chris who went through Chemo with me back in 04.  They both seem to be doing so well, although Chris has always been in a far better situation than me with this cancer.  Good to see that the alimta did do its job there.

My scan is looming, and hopefully by Friday I will have the results - that's if they go to the Doc's.  I'm not sure now where they will go.  I have a feeling I should be ok on most of the growth apart from where my third boob resides.  Have had some tingling and nipping movements going on in that region, although saying that my iron box in the left side feels a little more solid than normal.  Yet it doesn't necessarily mean bad news, it could just be a muscle or nerve has touched the damn cancer and is sending peculiar messages to the brain.  I am noticing this time round that I do get short of breath, something I never really experienced before apart from when I had pleurisy, and I must admit I don't like it very much - uhm maybe I should rethink the what the results will say.

I was just telling Lisa today that it was April 10 when Dr Abtin said he saw growth on my left lung, it took till December 10 before that was recognised on the scan results here.  It will be a year soon since I went back to LA for cyroablation and if things continue in this pattern I just don't see a problem for a while apart from being uncomfortable in bed and waking up and of course the burning and nipping and not forgetting breathlessness.  Mind the latter may also have something to do with me being sat in front of this damn machine and smoking everytime something went wrong on the website that I am doing!  Why did I ever let someone give me a drag of a cig - even worse why was I so weaked willed to accept it! 

Guess that's it for today, I hope that however you are experiencing meso be it you or a family member I hope remission is on your side.

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