Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Having heard how Harry is doing so well brought back memories of my own operation and how I thought I had done well leaving hospital after only 11 days.  Strange though because back in 04 when I went in for the VAT, which was intended to be a quick look inside to see what was happening I ended up having a 5 hour operation and tumours removed then.  Although the pain on waking wasn't anywhere as bad as the full on operation, I was bleeding internally and the fear was I would need more surgery during the night.  In some respects I guess I have had a decortication carried out twice!  It wasn't until I was talking about Harry that I thought about this, so if things go as well for him as they did for me with pain after my first partial decortication then he will do well.

I have moaned about tired eyes now for a year or so and today I am going in for surgery to remove the hoods that rest over what are my eyelids.  I must be crazy, but until yesterday I thought it was a quick local in the skin and a little cutting, I rang to ask why I need to stop eating at 11.30 and they told me I am having a general, hubby hasn't slept well last night because he is worried about me being knocked out.  I hadn't given any thoughts to the surgery apart from to apologise to my body for once again putting it through pain, now I am a little concerned about the general and hope that when I get there they are just doing a local and the booking department have it wrong.

At least for once I may benefit from this, I should look a few years younger!

Don't for get to read the article under this, written especially by Liz for the Blog.

If I can open my eyes tomorrow I might just update you on how it went.

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