Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Stats for Mesothelioma

I was taken aback when the Sunday Sun rang to ask what I thought about the release of the National Statistics releasing figures naming the hot spots of asbestos related diseases and the numbers involved.  I wasn't surprised that the numbers are rising infact I think I said many years ago that we weren't even near the tip of the ice burg and many more would suffer the same fate as myself and others.  I remember back in 04 they said that meso would reach its pinnacle around 2015 and then fall, some short sightedness on their part I believe.  The Sun also wanted to know what I thought about the support we were given having such a terrible cancer, I asked what support was she on about because if there hadn't been Mick Knighton MRF or June Hancock there would be hardly any support at all.  We keep being told that we have this and that but show me where?

As for the photo, its prior my eyes and it was taken 6 weeks after surgery in 2009 when I did my TV interviews.  The Sun also interviewed me and obviously kept a few photo's.  If I still looked as good (although I am sure the photo was airbrushed heavily) I wouldn't have had my eye's lifted.  But thanks for the comments friends, yes I do have blue eyes!

I was watching Upstairs Downstairs the other night and didn't realise that gas masks actually had asbestos inside them.  I wonder if that is why so many of our parents have COPD and many lung disorders in older life.  My mother was born in 1926 and most of her friends all had COPD, could this be the reason, it certainly is food for thought.

I managed to get over the fields on Saturday with the mutts but the wind kept taking my breath away, Sunday the wind was worse so I stayed home and worked on the website.  Dreamweaver is still winning the war but I won't give up! 

The trial nurse from Bobby Robson Cancer Centre rang yesterday so I am going up to see them on Friday.  They would like permission to sample my tissue for proteins which I think is a good idea.  Lisa in the States has sent her hubby's tissue to a place where they test to see which chemo works on the cancer, I don't think we have that resource here yet although I do know that MKMRF is sponsoring a tissue bank.

Funny thing though, yesterday in the shower (where I tend to do my thinking) I decided that I would do nothing at the moment, the meso has been back 2 years this April (by the CT Scan) and if it stays slow then I should just keep doing what I am doing.  I know it is affecting me in shortness of breath - I can't chase Bear around or kick the football for Lexi but I don't need to run a 100metres so why try.  I have gained weight, I still am pained in certain areas and feel like I have an iron cage around my left side but what's new its been there forever and you do get use to it.

Debbie is off to LA to receive an award for her work with spreading the word of meso, I hope she gets to see some sights, not like me and hubby UCLA was pretty much all we saw when out there.  But its good to hear that she is renowned for her work.

I do promise to load a photo of before and after of the eyes, I will say the best thing though is my eye's not getting tired early afternoon, the downside of course is that I carry on working on the computer.

I think overall this has been a good month for me, so far no fight or flight sessions, no Nothingness days and seeing the start of the spring flowers pushing through certainly lifts the spirit.

Guess that about covers everything from up north, to all in treatment my thoughts are with you because none of it is easy.

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