Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Meso - How?

We all wonder why we were struck down with this damn cancer, we hear of people making snowballs with the stuff, my father in law was one, and yet (fingers tightly crossed) they didn't breathe in that one atom that would change their old age (well you know what I mean) elder years then forever.

Today I am planning on working all day but I can't get this feeling of I can't be bothered out of my system!  I don't know what is happening to the work alcoholic person I was, is it the morphine, is the the cancer or is it getting on in years!  I truly hope its the latter and what I am feeling is pretty normal when you get older. 

Speaking of morphine I was taking my tablets the other morning when a friend was here and she told me I don't take enough fluid with them, just a sip and down they go.  She mentioned this could be what is causing my terrible stomach on a morning.  Maybe, so I have tried drinking more water with them on a night, ok its 3 sips but maybe its too late and the damage is done if it has been the meds eroding my insides.  I will monitor my progress with the volume taken.

I also stepped onto the scales last night and saw I have dropped 2 lbs, not a lot in the scheme of things but I really can't afford to lose weight.  I am now 9.7, probably about right but if the weight starts to drop and I end up like that twig stick I was last year I will be upset. 

On a brighter note hubby took a much better photo of the Deer on Sunday, it does annoy me that she stood still for so long, if we had been poachers she would be dead.  Why do people have to come and kill such beautiful graceful animals and nearly always for the fun of it.

Had better make a move, shower and work are both calling

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