Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sunshine Lovely Sunshine

Hubby decided to surprise me and have the carpets cleaned to make the house smell sweeter and remove most of Bear's drool.  Lets face it he makes plenty!

The sun came out around lunchtime but of all the days I was working all day.  I managed to work late as well, so I was a little upset that for the first time in weeks and I mean weeks the North East of England was having a proper summers day.

Nevertheless, the dogs knew that I was thinking of a wonderful walk over the fields, as when I came in the dogs were both jumping up and down, Bear dragging my hand pulling me to the utility room to get my walking boots on.  Honest you can't keep anything from the dogs!

Poor Bear didn't manage to catch any pheasants but certainly enjoyed himself, wish I could say that Lexi was getting some hearing back but still shows to be as deaf as a post. 

Healing tomorrow, I can't believe how fast the week has gone by but I must admit I am looking forward to having healing.  Really need some of the heat on a couple of my pains.  At least on Monday my heart seemed to settle back down, through another one of those new style sessions.

My doctors are requesting my scan for end of the month, I know its a scan and I know it might say things have grown.  Maybe and hopefully it will be pretty much the same as the last one but it is hard to size the tumours and thickening.  As usual we never lie in the exact same position nor does the machine start from the same starting point.  What could be measured as 11mm last time could show just a small growth depending where the cut of the shot is or a lot.  We say to ourselves I know it isn't going to be stable and it could only be a small growth but even a small growth sets your mind into a whirl, no matter how strong we are.  Just hope my news isn't as bad as Chris had this week.

My heart and thoughts go out to him and Cath this week.  Even if you don't believe please send a healing thought to him.

Fingers crossed the sun still shines.  Stay safe and well all.

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