Monday, 7 January 2013


Many years ago I was contacted by a lovely lady in Australia called Cher, she was looking for new treatments for her mesothelioma but we became email friends and kept in touch regularly.  The first Christmas a beautiful painting arrived in the post, Cher had painted it as a symbol of hope for Mesothelioma.

Just before Christmas Cher and her husband renewed their wedding vows, the wedding photos were beautiful and the day a wonderful celebration.

Cher could no longer take the conventional treatments and before Christmas announced she would be living on will power alone, I didn't take it that the mesothelioma had become aggressive, just that she was like me, unable to tolerate anything but had a long way to go.

News came through yesterday that Cher was reaching the end of her journey and last night she passed away. 

At times like this I have to believe there is something more to life on earth, I feel for Cher's devoted husband and her family.

Rest In Peace Cher - an Angel in the making.

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