Sunday, 20 January 2013

Staying Warm

We should get use to the cold, but normally in the UK its wet damp cold not freezing air cold.  Again after spending most of the day inside I was tempted out to see hubby's masterpiece.  Yes another snowman!
Just as I came out the wind seemed to pick up speed again and the snow started dropping.  My lungs hated it, although I did stay out a little longer yesterday, enough time to throw a few snowballs for Lexi and Bear.  I felt like Scott from the Antarctic in hubby's coat.   I could hardly see anything in front of me without tipping my head some 90 degree's backwards.  My upper body was so warm but my legs were freezing, not to mention the only bit of my face.
I have finally installed the electric blanket onto the bed, having spent ages deciding which one, as he's hot and I'm cold, I went for one which said it had individual timers.  Yeah right, one of the most expensive turns out to probably be the worst.  I thought you set a time for it to come on, but no, its 1 hr or 9 hours on time!  Which means you still have to do the stairs to turn it on before bedtime!  The programs, different temperatures but it doesn't state them.  A little annoyed but it will have to do.  Although it is suppose to be a mattress protector type too I have ended up putting my mattress topper over it, I could feel the small cables digging in.  It still worked, last night I set the temp to no 4 for an hour hoping the bed would be toasty (my side) but it was just warm so I had to put it on no 6 while I waited for hubby to come up.  I would never sleep with a blanket turned on though.

Hubby was late coming up because Bear decided to throw up just as I came up (Thank God I missed that), he had been eating snow outside which obviously upset his tummy.  What is it with dogs and eating snow!

Have also been naughty these last few nights, have found a nice little white wine that I like and have quite happily drank a few glasses each evening, not a habit I hope I form, but it has been nice instead of drinking tea every hour.  I have also reduced my stomach tablets, they are making me constantly hungry, especially during the night.  Will have to monitor this as depending on how I cope with them depends partly on what will happen.  They are still giving an added extra to my already installed headaches.  Gosh it must be great to be healthy, something that I really envy.

We watched Trevor MacDonald and the Death Sentence Prison last night, these people killed others and say how hard it is to live with a death sentence over their heads, they should try living with cancer that is terminal.  Ok they are locked up 23 hours of the day but some people with terminal cancer and stuck in beds for months on end, can't eat, can't get comfortable etc.... These guys have TV's, can move around, don't suffer with pain, most not even guilt for what they have done!  Sorry, just venting at the injustice of it all.

For those not on facebook, the numbers of mesothelioma seem to keep rising, everyday at least two or three people are connecting to the groups for support, we are also losing people on a daily basis too, what is taking so long in finding something to keep us alive.

I am worried again that the chemo may have upset my meso and set it off from being slow to fast, new pains crept across my back last night, more so in the right, I hope and pray those 3 tumours don't grow in their.

On that cheery note I will end the blog, the snow looks pretty, the birds are pecking at the food but the wind is up and I for one will be sat in doors today.  Hubby on the other hand has the pleasure of taking the mutts over the fields, I must admit rather him than me on a day like this.

To my meso friends stay warm, keep away from the bugs and don't breath in this cold air.

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