Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Fresh Air Sunday

Waking up with a thick head and a heavy chest I thought I would end up with a nothing day, but I managed to make myself go out with hubby and the mutts and thoroughly enjoyed the fresh air.  It was cold but a dry cold, if that makes sense, and free from a strong breeze.  I did manage to lose the lens cap from one of the new camera's I bought hubby for Christmas though - Oh dear bad books!

I also heard some sad news today that knocked the stuffing out of me, a friend within my meso circle isn't well at all and it makes you realise how useless we all are when it comes down to it.  We can share our feelings or our anger but we can't do anything about the way our journey with meso takes us when all else has failed.  I only hope that if the battle is at an end it is without pain and suffering.

Another friend, however, has been in the UK for the festive season, coming over from Dubai they were all frozen.  In fact I am sure that they forgot how cold the UK can be.  I remember when I lived in the States how I looked at home through rose coloured glasses.  I would say what beautiful green countryside and sunny skies we had - see rose coloured glasses, we have the lush green but not sure about the sunny skies.

I spent most of the afternoon trying to work a problem out in Access, after reading a book on programming I thought I could solve an old problem, not a chance and all I got for my efforts was my headache hurt even more.  Hedex just hasn't lifted it, I even took two before I got up and had another hour's sleep.  I just hope it goes by in the morning as I don't fancy the thought of my first day back with a headache from hell that kills every time I move my head.

I had some lovely photo's to load today of the dogs but for some reason blogger isn't allowing them to upload?  I thought it would be nice to have an uplift looking at the dogs.
Yesterday I noticed Lexi was tilting her ear again, although now totally deaf, she still needs them cleaning but will she let you.  Every two weeks its a nightmare trying to get the juice in then the next night with cotton wool to clean them.  I even used Q tips today, what a load of wax came out but I had to chase her around the kitchen several times!  She wants you to clean them because she shoves her head into you but at the same time fights like a cat when you do.  It has become the same with brushing her, once over it was a joy as she would just lie there, now she moves everytime you empty the brush!  At least it is good exercise.  Speaking of which I think I will need to start doing some shortly, putting my weight back on has led to a couple of places where it has landed, mainly the tummy and also my legs, they look like tree trunks when I look down.  Its a few years ago since I went to pilates and then I had to stop because I was causing a lot of pain in my side, I don't think I can do sit ups either - maybe its time to drop the sweet content of my diet and see what happens.

On that note I will leave tonights blog, I hope that those who are waiting results get the Stable or Shrinkage word and those of us who are in no man's land stay there without further growth.  I am praying 2013 finds that something special that can create a terminal into a chronic illness.

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