Sunday, 15 September 2013

Blustery winds and dark clouds

Yesterday the sun was up between the clouds but now and again the blue sky managed to show itself.  When it did I was sat out watching hubby trying to cut back the Laurel Bush that has reached 10' high again this summer.  The dogs looked on without interest as I tried and held the ladders steady as he went up to cut the top.  My feeble weight holding down his much heavier, really if they had gone sideways I doubt I would have had much effect!
Just nicely enjoying it when it suddenly went cold so back in the house and on the sofa, only to be hit with the worst stomach ache for a while.  Hot water bottle to the rescue as I sat on the sofa, feet up and let the heat do its magic. 
One of my best friends and her daughter popped over for an hour and it was lovely to sit and chat about something other than meso.  Tash is doing her social services degree, after spending time in the working world and taking stock of what she wants I think she will be a good one.  The problem with so many jobs these days is youngsters come straight from college and go into specific fields without seeing what life is really like.  A 20 year old social worker will be so idealistic that they can't see the woods from the trees - same as government ministers!  I won't get started on it today, promise!
On an insight, Lorraine's brother is registered for the Sheffield Trial, so maybe I will get something to report back on how it is going.  If it has taken this long to come to trial they must have had some excellent results in the labs, its taken nearly 5 years from when I first heard about it and went to see Prof Woll at Sheffield. 
My body is aching in places I am not liking.  The beginning of the year I was in perfect health and now aches in my right lung, chest and left side again that are different to my usual moaning's.  Then this morning I read about Steve Cook, how he has fluid around the pericardium.  God I remember those nights when I was hugging the puffy until the pain would go and I felt my heart could pump again without hitting something.  Knowledge has come so far forward that he will be treated for fluid in the pericardium.  Believe me, when this happens it is the worst pain ever, I would imagine similar to a heart attack but it keeps going on and on.  Doping up with morphine was always my only option, so am pleased he is getting help soon.  Although now my heart man is watching out for fluid again, so far I have had a minimal amount, long may it stay that way.  So please send a thought to Steve and hope they sort him out soon.  I doubt he will want to spend any time in hospital - none of us do.
I weighed myself yesterday morning, 8.13, 125 lbs, I will watch this as any sudden increase means the fluid is returning to the stomach.  Before hols I went up to 9.2, but I was eating ok.
Poor hubby has taken the dogs out, he looks like a commando in his outdoor clothes.  He'll need them in this weather.  What changed the weather so fast?
I am planning on work tomorrow so fingers crossed I don't get up at silly hours, I took a temazapam last night to help relax my back, so overslept, but still ache!  At least I slept right through, and that is a bonus.
I'm rambling so will go, I think, due to the weather, that I may concentrate on getting back to working on book no 3.  I have to finish 2 yet but want to do that with Liz, as its nice to discuss a couple of changes with someone else, and she has become my editor!!!  I also must sort out the money I have collected and get that sent off the MKMRF for the books that I have sold.
Good luck to everyone running the Newcastle Marathon, not the nicest of weather, but especially to Paul Wright who is running on behalf of MKMRF from work. 
To everyone everywhere, I hope Sunday is a good day for you all.

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