Saturday, 28 September 2013

Progress but sad news too.

It took some 3 hours or more to write the blog yesterday, I started and stopped and rested and just as I finished it and Gary had took the dogs out the door bell rang.
I was still in my dressing gown, the pain in my shoulder and side both unbearable that I hadn't wanted to move and shower.  Now the District Nurses had arrived and there was only me.  I let them in and apologised for being lazy, they asked about the drain and I ended up breaking down in tears, telling them the problems with the NHS and how I had been discharged and never heard from them again.  It all started over how many drains had James Cook discharged with me.  I said none the rep from PleurX had given us two but I hadn't been admitted let alone discharged and so the tale began, going back to July.
I didn't want to drain off yesterday, one because my wound is sore and the other because I only had 2 drains.  The drains were ordered from the manufacturer for delivery today, which have arrived, Dan the male nurse said right 'lets drain it off''.  
I am sure I have trapped a nerve in my shoulder, all through the procedure I kept my arm above my head and at times fisted my hand, pulling the body into an awkward shape.  So trying to get my arm in a comfortable place and not hurt my side, which any turn was also painful was a nightmare.  Finally we managed to get the dressing off, wow was that pleasant - not!  The wound is neat but sore and some bruising is appearing but under that suntan its hard to tell.  The drain connected and I started draining.  Although my stomach looks to be holding some 2 plus litres I only managed to get 700 out.  If I hadn't had any drains coming I would have bent this way and that to try and dislodge the fluid but I accepted defeat and we unhooked.  Mind 700 isn't a small amount.
They left us and I sat for the rest of the afternoon on the sofa watching mindless television.  My body hurting but relief that I won't need to undergo any more pain.
Lisa, my friend from America sent me a beautiful vase of flowers together with a teddy bear, at first we had no idea who they were from as no name was given and I even phoned the shop who told me they had no info but even if they had they would be unable to tell me who they were from.  Great!  But a message on face book cleared up the mystery.  I now have a mascot which I am trying to name.

I took a good cocktail of pills to go to bed with, exhaustion doesn't stop pain getting into your sleep and I needed to make sure I had a good night. 
This morning Gary took a sad phone call.  A lady I have become good friends with died last night from her mesothelioma.  Lesley was never a computer user, we would talk weekly on the telephone and keep each other updated with life.  We had planned to meet up this summer and have coffee but things always went wrong.  Lesley lost her husband this year then her mam, then I was ill.  She had gone through surgery but never seemed to get her breath after that.  I kept telling her to get in touch with Liz or go back and see her doctors.  She always told me she had and things were fine but they weren't.  She was only 61 and this last year had lost nearly 2 stone, her doctors weren't exactly giving her tonics that would get her weight back.  She was very religious and I hope that she is now at peace and with her husband, George, in heaven.
For Lesley
I had better try and shower before the District Nurse arrives, one thing that did happen yesterday they have contacted the MacMillan Nurse and I am now back on the books of having one.  She will be out next Wednesday afternoon to meet me.  It's been a long time since I had a MacMillan nurse, hopefully my new one knows something about mesothelioma.  Although Liz thinks I probably know more about pain of meso than the nurse will do and I bet she's right but I hope not, it would be nice if someone could give me something I knew nothing about and it took the nasty pains away.
One thing that cheered me today in the post we received a wedding invitation, my friend Dawn's son, Dan.  He is marrying his sweetheart in Plymouth.  I am shocked that Gary and I are invited as we haven't seen Dan for years and feel so privileged to be thought of on such a special day.  Fingers crossed we will be able to make it.

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