Thursday, 12 September 2013

Thankfully No Bile!

Sitting on the sofa watching Tv most of yesterday with my feet up is not the way I like to spend my day but it was a means to an end, rest this poor body that has been through hell and back just so that I can carry on living.  By bedtime by ribs and pelvis bones ached, I thought I had been pushed into every rope on a boxing ring by Mike Tyson.  I decided the best thing to do was take a muscle relaxant so my body would feel better.  This also allowed me a sleep in, I woke at 6 am and took a metrocloprimde then back to sleep.  I had no bile, I was so happy that when I came down and met Gary in the office my eyes were sparkling, his face lit up.

I haven't done a lot today, my highlight has been talking to my Australian meso warrior Lou, the thing I love about face book is we can chat if we are both on line.  Her chemo regime is hard but when your body is still under 65 cells don't like chemo much.  I have noticed that the younger you are the more your body struggles on chemo.  I remember a doctor once telling me that cancer has to be more aggressive in younger people to break down the bodies defences.  As we get older our cells change.  My mother in law has had carbo, so side effects apart from a sore mouth, good that she hasn't gone through the rough stuff.  I am keeping fingers crossed that it has done its job though.

My tummy is starting to settle, although I think some fluid is still extra down there I am happy, I expected today to be worse than yesterday but today I am fine.  I have even managed a full prawn wrap!

I think my eldest brother is worrying I am heading towards end of life, I can understand this, but it makes it difficult for him as he can't talk to me.  I know I have thought about my job a lot and wonder what will happen but I can still work and over these last 9 years I have managed to do everything I have needed to do.  Even run the housing projects.  I would like to make certain hours but if I want to go to work I've had the choice, setting up set days may not suit me but it would be better for the company.  I guess it's time we all sat down and talked openly.

Hubby has gone through his adrenalin and is now in need of deep sleep, his afternoon siesta is calling him.  I should be doing more today but I truly believe all this lazing around has made me lazy.

I have recently had a few new people start reading the blog.  These are people who bought my book and have started finding out about Meso.  It's amazing how by doing something like writing can spread awareness about this crap ordeal.

I am hoping that this is the start of me getting better and over the hurdle that has been thrown at me.  I haven't heard from the district nurse yet, good job I knew when to take the other drainage bag off and replace with sterile dressing.  After all I do have a small hole in my side.

I am due to see Prof Murphy tonight regarding my heart.  Hopefully this sudden fluid has not affected my heart any further.  Heart failure is something you don't always realise happens.  I think I had a couple in 09, the fluid gave one away but the spasms I didn't realise were others.

The loss of two warriors this week has brought the community another knock but news that others have had no reoccurrence brings much needed lifts.  Also news of an orphan drug coming to the Uk and other countries may just be a new answer for treatment.  Prof Fennell is on the committee.  Other great news from Graham Brown, he had a full EPP in 2003, has been asked to join a research team.  He had a fever after surgery and has found a few that had the same have had no reoccurrence.  Is this a breakthrough too?  I will be watching his progress.

Thanks everyone  for the kind words of support and the vibes you have sent my way, thoughts are energy - no wonder I am on the up.

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AnnieH said...

Hi jan. I'm so pleased to hear you are on the up. Also great for Gary. I knew exactly how he felt when he saw you were feeling better. It would have been like Christmas to him. I remember when John was struggling with stairs after the pleurodesis. He had to take the stairs in three parts. One evening he did it in one and I burst into tears of joy. It was so lovely to see an improvement in him. Best wishes to you both. Long may it last X.