Friday, 13 September 2013

CT Scans Results In - Not good

Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment with Prof Murphy to see how my heart had been since the onset of ascities in July.  I had seen him when we thought I had a Pulmonary Embolism, wish it had been.
He is a wonderful doctor, the perfect bedside manner and one that I deeply respect.  I told him that the fluid had returned as soon as my body had landed in Nice.  He did a check over, my BP has improved back to 100\68 gone are the days of 110\70 but at least it was up from the 70's.  My heart hasn't altered so although a bit different it is as strong as an ox, ok well maybe not as strong!
I told him I had had a scan at the BMI so he went down to radiology and retrieved a copy of the report for me.  I don't think he really wanted to be the one to give me it, sitting back down he asked if I would prefer to read it myself.  Hubby said he never took his eyes off my face, watching my expression, possibly to see if I have any fight left in me. 
I'm not going to type the whole thing out, there are no measurements for sizes of meso but what jumped out first was my organs all appear normal.  I have multiple small peritoneal nodules within the pelvic and left paracolic gutter and the peritoneal surface of the right hemidiaphragm.  I have fluid in the false diaphragm and some right effusion also noted. 
The lungs don't sound that bad but then I don't think he was really reporting on the lungs more on why the stomach was affected.  The paracolic gutter lets bile move!  What have I said about Bile!!!!  I wonder if the bile has managed to burn through the lining where the hernia is and then the meso has had an easy route in. 
This is a big but I can't say I wasn't expecting it.  Why else would my stomach explode from a minus to 9 months.  I am disappointed, especially as the lungs aren't causing me grief.  I can feel a few sensitive spots in my tummy, one near to where my mole is for one.  Also my left hip feels funny if I touch it in a certain place, a tingling goes right down my leg, like when you strike your elbow.
So today I need to send this report to my GP and probably to Liz. I wonder if the meso in the stomach is the same strain as the meso in the chest, I know Lou has a different strain in hers.  Even though I knew it may not be good the news has still gutted me.  I always think the worst so I can feel relief, in this case I have none whatsoever, the news is worse than I thought with my tummy.
That's my news, upsetting to say the least but my fighting spirit has returned.  I just have to hope and pray treatment will be offered.  On the way back we talked about radiotherapy, maybe it could be blasted?  I wonder whether I know try and contact Dr P or wait until he contacts me.
My niece is stressing about going on holiday next week, she is going to Sham el Sheikh and with all the problems which have gone on is debating whether to go or not.  Her holiday company are still sending everyone so as at today she is going.  She will be staying the night before with us so we can drop her at the airport.  I say we, I mean hubby as its 5 am in the morning!

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