Sunday, 3 November 2013

A Good Day

Wow what a difference a decent night's sleep can do for you.  After the ups and downs since July with this wonderful abdomen of mine then this cold and now chest infection last night was a night to cherish.  I didn't hold up much hope for having a cough free night, but 30 minutes before bed I took a blast of oxygen and coughed up what was sitting between my stomach and throat. 
I did wake up during the night to pee and of course had a quick cough, nothing bad, I also sweated quite a bit, but pulling the sheet further across I found a clean dry spot and fell soundly back to sleep.  Even Gary had a good night, so this morning up and refreshed.  The first of many more to come. 
Sleep is so important, I don't nap during the day, wish I could, when my eyes start getting tired either the phone will ring or the dog will push his big snout in my face so my eyes don't often get that chance anymore.  I know Bear is doing it because he is worried in case I'm not asleep and just wants to ensure I'm ok, after all that's what our pets do, look after us.
Yesterday I had a wonderful day.  My extended family, Liz and Les popped over for an hour, it is always nice seeing them.  I love Liz, and although she has worked none stop on helping me with the book told me off for not panicking about doing any work on it.  My health, she kept telling me, is more important than checking spelling mistakes.  I do want it ready but I guess my deadline has passed, sorry guys who are waiting for it, it will be done, promise.
Not long after they left, Joyce, who in 05 became my aroma therapist and since a good friend, arrived.  Intentionally for a natter she brought her magic box of oils and started with a gentle foot massage.  Boy did my feet soak up the oil, then a lower leg.  For some reason I ended up having a shoulder and high back rub which got lower.  Soon my body was glowing with the warmth of the oils and some much needed nutrition in the skin.  When you are helped to shower etc, creaming goes out of the window.  Gary's aim is in the shower, get washed, dried as fast as possible and clothes on.  Because he is also choosing my wardrobe everyday I have no say in anything.  Today I am in bright pink track suit and blue tee shirt.
One thing I have noticed since my demise is I am not as cold as normal.  I would want the heating on around 20 this time of year and heavier tops etc.  I am finding I need the living room window open a little and the heating sitting at 18.  Great for the gas oil bills, because boy is that expensive to run.  I know gas is dear but try filling up a tank of 2000 litres and paying of it 3 to 4 times a year!  We may have beautiful quiet fields around but no mains gas, no sewerage and if bad weather no power, no tv and in the pitch black. 
At the moment the warriors have had some bad hits, my fellow bloggers have felt it too.  Steve in Oz has been reprieved with another hope of chemo.  Tess has come out of surgery having an disused drain removed from her lung, this is excellent news as she had a general, means her lungs are really in good shape.  Steve is due another scan but is feeling well and certainly doing a lot.  Mavis and I are in no man's land and Ray is having a terrible time again on Chemotherapy.  I do feel for Ray as it was bad for him the first time, and boy can I relate to that.  He has no energy and again food is his no one enemy.  I feel for Amanda, she only shares her worries on her blog and not many know she writes it.  I remember when I first started out with mine and only a handful would read it, now quite a few people I actually know do.  Not sure whether this is good or bad as they know how I feel and also I need to be careful about names that I write.  Before it didn't matter but now I will need to be careful, I could drop someone in it!  Thankfully I'm not a gossip though, only on things that affect me personally.
My dear friend Lisa in USA is having a hard time, losing the one man you love is so difficult and I know that many have lost their partners recently but Lisa contacted me straight after Tom was diagnosed and we formed one of those bonds that hopefully will remain until I type my last letter.  She has researched morning and night, often finding information that would suit and benefit me more than Tom.  She was his driving force in fighting the meso because at first he just wanted to roll over and let it take him, knowing what was to come as he was a cancer nurse.  I think for anyone in that profession and having to face cancer yourself must be worse than facing it for the first time without any knowledge.  They know the ins and outs.  They know the speech and how doctors work.  Lisa navigated him through his course and in the end it was an infection rather than the meso that caught him out. 
I read out to Gary about the post mortem required when we die.  I had told him a long time ago but he didn't want anything to do with mesothelioma then.  Now he is wanting to know everything to do with it.  I don't want to be cut open nor do I want him having to sit through an inquest either, too painful for the family.  So I think he will be starting to gather information ready for the day, still hoping its many years from now but get prepared.  It wasn't that long ago since I went through all my near death wishes.  I still want to have a double service, a Cof E and a spiritualist one.  I doubt he could hold out, but the spiritualist service is so light and full of life and love.  When I first thought about my funeral, and you will laugh, I though what if God doesn't recognise spiritualism, but then lets face it CofE was only created due to Henry.  Who's to say he recognises any manmade called religion, even RC, he is a faith in himself not a given name.  Anyway a bit too deep for this blog today.
Ok enough for today, needless to say I am feeling up, who knows might just get in that kitchen this afternoon and have a good go at some of the recipes off the Great British Bake Off, I loved those little chocolate nuns, that's what I would like to make today!  Gary would prefer some breadbuns, we'll have to see.


AnnieH said...

Wonderful to hear you sounding so bright. The old Jan is back! I knew this would happen although you had me worried for a little while. Good for you girl.

Amanda said...

Glad it is a good day- get in that kitchen and start baking ...