Monday, 25 November 2013

Getting Organised

We have had a strange weekend, after having a knock out on Friday night I slept really well and woke up reasonable on Saturday morning, although poor husband didn't.  His throat was sore and full of spots.  We checked the emergency supply cupboard and found some antibiotics for sore throats.  He had had one the year before and had used one and a half courses to get over it, so having enough for the weekend he started.  This isn't what you should do but under the circumstances we both agreed, better to take the tablets than not.
I didn't do a lot on Saturday, in fact I was pretty much sat on the sofa all day and Gary in the chair next to me.  Both of us out of sorts for different reasons.  Even the Bear didn't get a walk, which in itself says how poorly Gary felt.
Sunday was a total different day, although for Gary not, for me I asked him to bring all the Christmas presents down stairs and put them in the dining room.  Here I can pop in and out when I have energy and do a few.  Well in all my years I have never started wrapping this time of year, in fact I've never really had any shopping done either!
Yesterday I spent 4 hours wrapping his presents.  I know I am slower but wow I hadn't realised how many things I have ordered for him.  No wonder the poor guy is worrying about Christmas, I have given him 2 ideas and one of those was a new electric toothbrush.
Mavis has copied down Christine Winter's speech given at the DAST conference and rather than me copy and paste I would ask you go and read it here
She has also added the information regarding the bill for doctors to be allowed to use experimental drugs on cancer patients.  We are all for this who have cancer, but the few that spoil it are those who want to claim and sue hospitals.  Anything for a free meal in some people's eyes but what they don't see is the bigger picture where people who are terminal are refused these drugs because of the claim culture we have adopted.
You can read that article here
I have gone off Sunday Roast, well not off completely but I am a lover of Gravy and recently I can't taste it or in fact the meat or veg.  So yesterday I voted no for dinner.  Last night was a simple choice for me I wanted something spicy to taste but I am not really a take out girl either.  We did try a Chinese on Friday night but it made me feel a little queasy.  I asked if we could go to KFC and have their chicken.  So after a quick debate, is it too cold for me to step outside etc, we got into the car and off we went.  We ate it in the car but to be honest I couldn't taste anything.  I enjoyed the chicken burger I had but the skin didn't make my tongue tingle at all.  My thrush is still there too so whether this and the chemo is to blame I have no idea.

I asked a dear friend to enquire from her doctor daughter the reason red blood cells could be so high and this is what she came back with.  Maybe a good explanation as she is also just learning about mesothelioma but I feel it answers my question very well.

The raised red cell count could be because of the meso's destruction of the lung. The lung might not be able to absorb as much oxygen as before. So to compensate, the body makes more red cells to carry the available oxygen more efficiently. Very much like athletes who train in high altitudes where there is less oxygen in the air so their bodies make more EPO (erythropoietin) to make more red cells and increase their oxygen efficiency, improving their performance.

It was so kind of her to take the time out and ask and for her daughter to answer.

So today is Monday, District Nurse for me, Doctors for Gary.  My friends are thinking of taking me shopping tomorrow, just one shop.  They will drop me at the door then park and then we can have a wander round one shop only.  I am hoping I wake up tomorrow feeling good as it will be great to go somewhere other than hospital or my first trip out to KFC!

Lexi has picked up, in fact you would never think a week ago we thought we would be losing her, whatever happened she has pulled through, much to the relief of Gary and I.  There was no holding her back for a walk either so all's well that ends well.

For my fellow meso warriors I hope this cancer isn't driving you downhill, I know its easy saying try and stay positive, heavens I have been on my knees over the last few months, but we can get through it.  Always think tomorrow will be better than today.......

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