Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Bear and baby sister

Aren't they just adorable!  yes you can tell Bear from his sister, he's the big fat one.  His breeder said he has learnt a new trick, his sibling does all the work getting the milk to the teet then Bear pushes her off and gets the reward.  Only 21 days before we meet him but at least he will know his name properly by then. 

I can't believe these litle darlings will get to be the size of a gentle giant.  There's nothing more pleasurable than lying down next to a big dog and stroking their fur, it's relaxing for you and shows a great amount of affection to the dog.

Have had a few busy days at work, probably the rest of the week too, it always bucks you up when things go right and you actually complete a job instead of leaving something half done because something else lands on your desk that is more important that what you were working on.

The weather has helped as it's mild but I'm missing out on the walks this week as Lexi has been going on a morning and the afternoons for me have been busy.  Tomorrow I'm taking my staff for an afternoon to the local spa, instead of taking them out at Christmas I thought they would prefer something different.  All they have talked about all day is which beauty treatments they fancy.  I'm just boring, I love a foot massage and would gladly sit in a chair for hours while someone rubbed in this and that, then filed my nails etc.  That to me is heaven!

If your weekend was as bad as mine I really hope by Monday you felt ready to climb that mountain again, remember it is normal, even without cancer, to have an off day and everyone has them.


Anonymous said...

bear is sooo cute! am sure lexi is ecstatic to see him.

home alone while jeff is in oman conducting a photography workshop. i have to stay back for my little rabbie. - benet

Jan said...

You'll just have to fly over and visit the little darling! Couldn't rabbie go too? email soon