Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Out of the Blue

What a wonderful surprise I had the other evening, Dr Owens left a message for me to give him a ring and have a catch up.  It's 5 years since he first met me and removed that curtain from my lung.  It will be great to catch up and see how he is doing.  I know he moved more into research and hearts than lung so I'm sure I'll have an interesting hour.

Good news too, I have a chest physician and he is at our local hospital, plus he has dealt with mesothelioma previously, so things are looking up.

We have had to source a new puppy and spent Saturday driving up to Scotland but met the new family.  Daddy bear,mammy bear and auntie bears!  Hopefuly mammy bear will give birth this week and in 4 weeks we will get to see the little bears. 

Having been travelling on Saturday, Sunday was a total wash out, I ached and I was tired.  We were due to go out for lunch but I had to call it off as I felt terrible, although well worth it.

I have also got some new painkillers from my chest man, they stick on like plasters and are really working well especially on the kidney back area where pain has started to become a drag.  (My warning area in the past of something wrong). 

I heard that a friend went for chemo and had to be cancelled as the B12 and folic acid tablets hadn't been put in place.  Can you imagine how that person felt.  Keyed up for chemo then postponed .. I'd be relieved to miss the needles but more on edge because of the delay.  Why the NHS still can't get things right is beyond me.  Too many Chiefs and not enough indians or too many indians and no chiefs, either way it is unacceptable. 


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