Thursday, 29 October 2009

ITV News

I don't know whether its just me or not but I haven't got use to this hour change.  I was up at 7.00, laid awake since 6, then pottered around.  At 8 I was blissfully having a shower when hubby suddenly appears bouncing up and down .... "It's the ITV" he says, so I take the phone and she tell's me I'm in the Northern Echo today and would I do an interview for them on mesothelioma.  Who can resist, you know my policy anything that gets this cancer a mention I'll do  (apart from run naked around woolworths that is).  We make a time then I realise I had better wash my damn hair, so had another shower.  The interviewer arrived at 11.00 and we did the business, as always you think it was terrible, wish I had said this etc but there's nothing you can do once the camera stops. 

I didn't realise that pleura plaque payment had been withdrawn again and as I said to the lady from ITV whether it turns out to be mesothelioma or not it is still affecting someones lungs and reducing the quality of life.  Don't get me wrong I'm not into this claim for everything society, if I fall over I fall over I don't think who can I claim big bucks off, but where asbestos is concerned money should be pouring in.  If I had been lucky to claim most of mine would have gone to research or helping others, but there are some people out there on the bread line who have to find money to get backwards and forwards for treatments, they still need to pay utility bills, mortgages, rents whatever, it costs money to live.  How our old aged pensioners survive on their pittance is terrible, but should they knock out a few kids from a few different fathers well the money just rolls doesn't it.

Sorry I always said I wouldn't get into politics but somethings make your blood boil.  The House of Lords who are looking to remove this compo for plaque would probably never have to worry about putting food on the table or travelling expenses .. sorry they claim them all don't they!

The interview was on ITV Tyne Tees and I thought it was ok, the phone rang instantly "You came across well" from a friend, so along as the point was made that's all that matters.

Once again mesothelioma should be in the papers as a discussion point, also the numbers diagnosed are much higher than expected and especially in the North East, no surprise there then, but interestingly women are higher then men.  Is it because the now know women can get it that they are looking for it?  Let's face it meso was never suppose to appear in anyone's chest (so originally thought) until your late 60's, I know that James Cook know look for meso as a disease to rule out alot earlier than they did 5 years ago so it's no surprise they are diagnosing more as they know what to look for and hopefully the signs of it before it's at the point of no life expectancy.

Going to do some studying, only wanted to let you know about the interview and of course the plaque debate.

Keep fighting all of you .. without us all doing so we could get sweeped back under the carpet and our cause forgotten about.  Money for research, money for treatments and money for those who need it.

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