Monday, 19 October 2009

New family member

The puppy was born on the 17th and although traumatic for mam, she had two puppies survive, we have the boy, first male dog I have ever owned.

So here is the picture of him at 2 days old

What an adorable little boy he is ... I just hope Lexi will love him as if he were her own.

I can't wait to hold the little fellow but we will have to wait until he's 4 weeks and mam won't be too upset about him being manhandled by strangers.

I just thought I would share my excitement with you, makes a change to see new life instead of the gloom and doom of this rotten illness.

We went walking again yesterday and instead of getting better with the breathing I'm finding it harder each week!!  So much for expanding the lungs and getting them to work, I expand mine and want to collapse in a heap on the floor!

There is this old crooked tree and I really want to be able to get onto the first branch and sit on it .. kind of my challenge.  Gary tried the one foot in hand routine but I just wasn't able to pull myself up and throw a leg over the branch.  I guess not what one should be doing nearly knocking the door of 50, but I will try again.  If I manage it I will want a photo to prove I did it!

Have just missed out on a sale of a house near us which backs onto the fields, I didn't even know it was for sale .... keep hoping that the sale will fall through, not very spiritual of me I know, but it would be perfect to walk straight out, across a wood and into the fields.  Thinking of Bear when he arrives!  As I'll have to help him in and out of the car.  When he's full grown (upto 12 stone) I'd be lucky to lift his front leg let alone his whole body!!

As you can tell, I have decided to ignore my fears and worries and take hold of life at full speed again.  Obstacles are there for us to overcome and after emailing Debbie and vise versa we have overcome so many between us that we are both up to take on whatever this disease will throw at us.  I'm sure many of you will agree with me on that one.

I heard from one of mam's carers that a friend of a friend has just been diagnosed and he is hiding his head in the sand and talking about Switzerland ... Not the right way to think.  I do hope he will make contact as there is so much more out there than when I was first shell shocked with the news on meso.  So to anyone first coming to terms with this kind of news, have your few days of shock, temper, anger but don't hide from it as it will be harder for your family and friends to draw you back to the here and now and seek treatments which can help you.

Enough of that, in a happy mood, although Gary is under the weather, a cold I think, lucky for me I had the flu jab!  Don't forget yours!


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