Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Digesting Info

I have read so much over the last couple of days I seriously don't know how anyone keeps up with what is happening in our meso treatment world.  This Gene therapy sounds so good but seems we are in the wrong country for it!

I haven't managed to speak to Dr Abtin yet, I kept missing him yesterday so hopefully today I will manage to talk to him.  Time zones are a nightmare when you want to talk to the otherside of the world aren't they.

I still can't decide whether this pain in my heart area is cancer itself or just my mind making an ache more painful, but I did find the use of some morphine good at getting rid of it, although it took nearly an hour to go.  Had such a bad night Sunday I don't think I slept more than 3 hours, I couldn't get comfortable and my ribs ached more than normal, my scar tingled etc.  So last night I took a pill and woke up feeling much better today.  Might even get something done instead of sitting in front of the computer all day.

The weather here is awful, the snow was quite a shock yesterday but this morning its grey and misty, no snow left but very cold as well.  Even the crows have landed on the front garden to eat the seeds along with my little sparrows and blue tits  and black bird... things must be bad for that to happen.

I have put quite a number of links on the Treatments blog and a little of the write up, Linda should be employed as a meso researcher for all support groups  a few links from W Szymanski who is doing research for his mam.

Thanks again for the links


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