Friday, 19 August 2011


Yesterday was the most pleasant medical experience I have ever undergone.  Mind it would have been a different story if the admission nurse had got her way.  When I went to sign in and they take you into the cupboard she was telling me that having sedation didn't mean I would be asleep I and I would know everything that was going on but would be unable to stop it.  The younger and unwise me would have said oh well I won't bother, but I stuck to my guns and got the sedation.  They did have some trouble getting the needle in but once it was in I knew nothing until I was woken up by a nurse with a cup of tea in the recovery lounge. 

The best thing is there is no sight of cancer down there, the saddest thing it isn't a quick fix as its bile, probably from loosing my gallbladder so this uncomfortableness will be with me for life.  I don't eat fatty foods to start with so I don't know what else I can knock out of my diet apart from milk.

I have made another discovery, this burning pain started after my return from the USA in March, I had a little pinprick on my left boob near the top and thought not a lot about it, after all they had pushed through the cryo tube in that area.  The burning has been getting worse and on Wednesday I somehow caught this spot with my hand and nearly jumped, it isn't a small pinprick anymore its a hugh lump and it grows or shrinks depending where my arm is located.  After prodding it a few times it became really tender and hasn't stop hurting since.  Typical I get one thing sorted and then go and find something else.  If its a cyist caused by the cryo then a quick chop chop and no more burning pains either .. I hope.

Hubby is a little more concerned than me, I can see his mind ticking over wondering whether its seeding or not but I am sure it isn't.  I said that the guy who shoved the needle in seemed to be enjoying himself and now I am paying the price.  I have managed to get an appointment with the docs today so hopefully will find out there opinion.

I have tried unsuccessfully to get onto macmillans site for quite a while but today for some reason it let me in.  I don't know about you but I find it very difficult to move around it, I know it hasn't changed since its last make over and I have had trouble ever since.  Anyway I was reading an article about a young lady who's Dad was diagnosed with the 'S''s and wanted to log and and tell her to get him in for surgery but would the thing work.  Two months later and it finally lets me in, I know from following her article she has been to the website and I hope she found the info on the surgery helpful.

Time is ticking and after having a day off yesterday I have mountains of work to catch up with.  I am still months behind on all my accountancy work, all 6 year ends need doing now and I still have the other housing site to start as well as sell these houses at Spennymoor!  Life it gets in the way of things doesn't it.

On top of that Lexi licked her foot open yesterday because neither of us were home for 3 hours!  She must really miss us.  The sock will be on her foot again today, although hubby will be in all day with her so hopefully it will stay on. 

Funny how when one problem gets solved another appears!  Good job I have strong shoulders!

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