Saturday, 20 August 2011

My lump!

Gosh three times in one week, I never usually do the blog more than once a week.  My lump is a lymph node and I guess it is the meso.  It's good to have the meso circle as Debbie really cheered me up this morning when I rang her about it. 

My doc is on about having it cut out at the surgery and I go back next Thursday to speak to the doctor that removes lumps and bumps in house.  I am also on antibotic's to see if it brings down the inflamation.  By it is sore, the more you prod the worse it feels.  At least I do think it will cure the burning if it goes. 

As I was lying in bed this morning with my burning and my heavy weight in my stomach and then the iron box feeling at the bottom of my left rib and tip of my left lung I thought "wouldn't it be nice to wake up without having to move your body in a certain position to get out of bed and just to feel good"  I have to hold my ribs to try and stretch them away from my lung so I can move.  I find I wake up during the night doing the same if I move in my sleep.  We seem to stick together inside!

I guess I am know praying for a miracle that the node is just infected with a bug, the burning will go when the infection clears and no more gabapentine or brother or mother of the same tablet again.  This means my memory might come back to somewhere good and I won't be such a moody mare either, the downside of dropping the tablets is doing the extracting off them.  I hear coming off is as bad as going on, bit like when I went cold turkey off those tablets back in 09!

Oh well, life goes on as they say.  Have a nice weekend folks, and to quote Lyndia & Steve 'Do something positive'

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