Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Current times

Well what a mess we are in, and everyone around says the situation will get worse.  The floodgates of Britain have been held open for far too long and we will pay the price for this.  The working man throughout the breadth of the country will be paying out more Tax and more insurance hikes to cover the cost of the riots.  If we were in china the tanks would have been called, and no I don't think we should go to the extreme of shooting everyone involved, but it would surely be a deterrent, as it is we didn't have a deterrent and now the riots are moving around the Country.  This will end up driving more people to move away from democracy at the poles and bring in the NF or UKIP and to be honest what does the government expect.  We have nothing to stop people arriving here, if they were so afraid for their lives then why didn't they stay in Europe.  No wonder Europe is against action, no one stays there do they, no they all arrive on our banks because we are handouts to all unless you actually live here or worked here.  Its like that TV ad, 8 million children die needlessly, now I think 8 million children are born needlessly.  The world can't carry 8 million children every year, drop condoms on these countries or teach them raising one child or two makes it easier on them, even better do what India did, send out medical teams and give them all the snip!  We can allow people on TV or show news reels of people acting racist to our soil yet we can't do the same without being called bigots - come on lets start having equal playing fields here.

That's my rant at the world for the moment.  Have taken a few steps, probably in the wrong direction, with pain.  As I am taking the gab I thought I would drop the morphine by 10, which doesn't seem to be having too much of an effect, although I could have chosen a better time as I am worn to the knees.  I went through a nothing day on Sunday, as I just had nothing left to give.  My body ached, my energy levels were -100% and I didn't even want to turn the computer on.  I am finding my moods aren't as bad now but the burning isn't really improving and for tracking some of the pain its quite difficult as it comes and goes.  My heart region is a lot heavier, but I am sure this is because I haven't had my batteries charged recently, bring out the sun!!  Burning under the arm is getting worse and last night I fear the chinaman was back, but his axe was more like a little drill.

The Doc agreed to use a camera down my throat, so on the 18th I will finally find out if there is something going on that can be easily remedied.  It would be nice to wake up without one less problem.

Am thinking of a long weekend in Majorica - does anyone out there recommend any good hotels in a flat zone?  I have been told that the hotel Illa D'Or is in a flat region but don't know if there are cushions on the sunbeds!

Mam's probate today so had better get moving - have turned the heating up to warm the towels before I jump in the shower.  One thing about the cool weather, Bear isn't panting so much during the night.  We bought him a chill bed - its like a waterbed mattress, only problem is he won't lie on it.  We have now put it over the shower tray to protect it from him and his claws.

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