Friday, 14 October 2011

Conference Day - USA

I missed our patient\carers day in London due to hols and preparation time but have just received an email where we can watch the USA one on line today.

If you are interested click on the link below:
Will catch up later with news and gossip but I just want to quickly say to Amanda that I am so pleased all went well recently. Although it could have been better, that section on the bottom of our lung is such a damn nuisance isn't it!!!  As for the Gabapenten and its son of, Pregab I still haven't lifted the tablets to more than 1, I think hubby now feels safe enough to display the knives again on the kitchen top I am still mood swinging.  As for pain I still have some stabbing pains in my arm, but less where my new lump is - but it could be from the radiation rather than change in tablets.  I need to lift to 2 but haven't had the guts yet.  Overall I think I am coping better on the pregab though - if that's any help.  Any tablet that plays with your head causes some other problems, especially when they weren't originally designed as pain killers. 

For those who are totally lost off visit Amanda's blog on

Amanda could you email me directly if possible?

Catch up later, felt so much better in the sun, been back 2 days and already feeling achy.


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