Saturday, 15 October 2011

No Pain in Warmth

Back 3 days and already the aches begin, is it the warmth on the bones or the fact that I don't do anything on holiday that affects it.  I still felt stomach yak (But again not so bad, even though we didn't eat till 8.30 each night).

It was good to be in the heat, although I know I jinxed the weather again as 2 1/2 days in the clouds came and we had storms.  The temperature was still in the early 20's though so walking around was ok.  It is pretty flat around all the popular resort areas so for breathing and walking Kos is ideal.

Why I have been away an appointment has come for my next CT Scan, 1st November, and a Breast Cancer screening appointment.  That is going to be fun due to the lump I have - I am wondering whether they will just do my right and forget about the left!

I should count my lucky stars that I am still here and able to do the things I pretty much want to and after catching up on my fellow meso's blogs it made that point much more poignant.  Hubby has been planning hols for next year while I have been away and I hope to God I will still be here to enjoy them.  In all the years since this started we have never booked anything more than 10 weeks ahead expect once and we had to cancel, but I am going to stay positive.

For saying the weather was cloudy we still got a reasonable colour between the three of us. We booked the holiday so we could get some girlie time together, we have known each other over 30 years and these days we don't seem to get that girlie time anymore.  Infact since July 10 we haven't spent that much time together at all.

Cancer does change you, your outlook changes, what you want from life is higher because you prioritise things differently and of course, you aren't as fit as everyone else. 

I guess back to the grindstone full on next week and all this positive energy will be gone and my pains will be ruling my life again.  I am still toying with the idea of leaving work but then what would I do with myself all day and even more importantly how would we fund medical costs if I need to go down the thermal ablation route or whatever other treatment that comes up that costs money?

While I was away hubby had the bedroom decorated and most of the carpets cleaned - it was an ideal opportunity so I didn't breathe in fumes or have to freeze to death with the doors wide open.  I am sure the carpets won't stay clean long with Bear and Lexi, but the house certainly smelt a lot fresher. 

To be honest I would love to go on holiday again just after Christmas, I so need that sun, wonder who I could rope in to dog sit, but I hate the travelling side of things. Waiting around at airports and sitting on planes isn't my idea of fun anymore.  At least when we came home from Kos we were in the fresh air until 30 minutes before the plane took off. 

Back to planet earth and the reality of living with meso ....


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