Friday, 9 December 2011

Another Cancer Case

I can't believe I missed out something so important to me on my last post.  Our Lexi's opertion went really well and her lump was removed from just next to her nipple by her hind legs.  Even the vet was pleased and thought it was clean. 

When we went Monday to have her stitches out, Ian gave us the news that it was cancer of the mammory glands.  It had managed to enter the mammory duct.  To look at Lexi she doesn't look affected by cancer, mind saying that who ever does? 

We have the decision of leaving things as they are, removing all her mammory glands or one at a time if they become lumps.  The problem with cancer is that it can spread to other regions before the lumps appear!  She is 10 1/2 we already have problems with her bum, her skin is sensitive and now to have to think about putting her through a mammoth op is unbearable.

We have made the decision to leave things as they are at the moment, I know too well the jumping in and ripping out of cancer and other organs.  This will be my 3rd dog that has died of cancer, Jagar being the 2nd at only 2 years old, and our Dana at 10.  I only hope it is slow growing for Lexi and we have another full year of her running through the fields and lazying around in the house.

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