Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Spirit

The Christmas elves out delivering their gifts
I was just looking at some old photo's to start a new blog for those photos that never get aired and the door bell rang, no wonder Bear was doing a weird bark - seeing these two under the lights at the gate would make any dog wary.  They will certainly have helped the shoppers at Tesco's get in the mood as they went shopping like this.

I want to thank Liz at Mesothelioma UK for assistance in tracking down a Doc to give a review of my seeding.  I am trying to find a hospital that may be interested in looking at cryo-ablation and allowing Dr Abtin to demonstrate his technique.  I strongly believe cryo to be a good way of reducing pain where those nodules stick in your back or rest on a few nerves but also for de-bulking. 

The problem with our doc's are that if it doesn't give a cure its not worth looking at, but lets face it, chemo isn't a cure, radiotherapy isn't a cure, yet we go down that route.  Surgery is hard but still not a cure, please let us give cryo a chance over here and prove it can add value to our quality of life. To be honest the cryo doesn't make you as tired as radiotherapy, yet radiotherapy will be used in severe cases for palliative care.

Those of us who are still alive after more than 3 years have a hard time trying to get Doctors to look at us as other than lucky.  We are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I don't want to jump into any treatments at the moment but I do want the plans in place for when that next move has to be taken. 

My wish for Christmas is Hope, Hope for cryoablation to be used on mesothelioma, Hope for a golden bullet to destroy the cancer cells, Hope for a new Chemo that doesn't kill us, but above all

HOPE that all of us get through Christmas and The New Year and still be here Next Christmas

Merry Christmas

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