Saturday, 3 December 2011

Meso Panic Attack

I've had a long week at work, both with the housing and my regular work.  Although I seem to meet myself coming backwards these days.  Yesterday was no exception but I came home at 4pm to find hubby in the kitchen.  I thought it would be great if we messed on a little and did a bit of baking inbetween getting dinner on.  We tried those sugar baskets, burnt the first lot!  Then we made raspberry souffle's, while our Maltese lasagna cooked.

On celebrating a long week we opened a bottle of bubbly too.  Nothing on TV so we watched some taped bits and ended up (believe this or not) till 11.45 watching TV.  I was overtired by the time I climbed the stairs to bed and was out like a light.

At 12.15 I woke up too hot, I nipped to the loo and got back into bed, At 12.50 I awoke again from a dream where I was walking and couldn't breath to find I was struggling to breath, from there it went downhill.  I tried to get myself settled, everytime I laid down my heart was booming in my rib cage and I could feel anxiety stepping in.  Hubby was quietly sleeping at my side. 

The wind was howling outside as well and I remembered the night my poor mam sat on the toilet with her prolapsed bowl and then guilt settled in because she didn't ring me and how terrible it must have been for her in the winter months freezing in the bathroom.  By 2.30 still awake and I was clammy, either too hot or too cold and still I couldn't settle.  Lying down I could hear my heart pounding and couldn't seem to breathe, sitting up I was freezing and tired.  I was stressed and ended up talking out loud and hubby woke up.  Down stairs he went for bp machine and the trusted temp taker.  Temp was at 34.5, back in the fight or flight syndrome, bp was a healthy 127 over 77 and heart beat 77.   Downstairs again for a diazapam and an anti sickness tablet.  He sat and talked with me until I finally went to sleep while he stayed awake another hour to watch over me.

I finally surfaced at 10am, my body aching from being in bed, my rib cage like a solid tin box but temp back up to 36.3.  I am relieved its daylight and hopefully it will be a long time before this event happens again.  Maybe I am run down, I have the light sniffles, maybe too much sugar (I ate 2 souffle's!), who knows what brings them on.  I only know that I have had 2 in a short period of time.

No fresh air today either, the wind is strong, and although I feel wiped out the need to have had a good walk would have done me the world of good, can only hope the wind settles over the next few hours.

I also want to pass on some good news too, Lyn has had another stable scan result - good news lifts us all.

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