Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas 2011 - My 8th since diagnosed with Mesothelioma

While I visited the blogs this morning, hubby took the dogs over the field and then it was time to start what hubby has looked forward to all month ...  baking day.
Our neighbour arrived just before we got started to exchange gifts, then in the mist of making the sweet pastry we had another visitor.  Every Christmas Eve Mark arrives with a beautiful bunch of flowers, he has done this since I was diagnosed.  As we stood and chatted I mixed one of the pastries and hubby measured out quantities for the inside.  I think Mark was amazed as his wife never lets him in the kitchen and to see both of us baking together was quite an eye opener.   We baked non stop for 6 hours and looking at what we achieved I wonder where all the time went!

The rich sweet pastry was a nightmare but well worth doing, I can't wait to eat the sweet things but I had to make do with licking the spoons clean and wait until the family arrive tomorrow to get tucked in.  Of course the dogs weren't far away hoping for something to fall their way.
Bear, who can't stand the heat refused to leave the kitchen, thankfully he sat on the flooring that hasn't underfloor heating but he was still getting the heat from both ovens going!

Only two last jobs left, one - put the presents under the tree for the dogs and two - remember to put the Turkey in .. hope I remember!

For my 50th hubby bought a bottle of Krug Clas d'Ambonney 1995, we decided tonight we would celebrate all our hard work and open it.

So as I absorb the bubbles I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and I hope we will all be around next year to celebrate another.

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