Saturday, 27 July 2013

Dogs Day

I managed to sit in the garden most of the day, although the sky was more cloudy than blue but I didn't get to walk the dogs.  It was too clammy for Bear to be racing around chasing pheasants or sniffing out whatever has been around.
As hubby cut the grass and weeded the veg patch I sat and read another Scott Mariani book, how Bob Hope manages to tackle every armed man and come out of it unscathed is beyond me.
Chris called up for a coffee and a chat just as the rain started, although it only spitted a little.
My stomach hasn't gone down any further nor have I spent time at the toilet, slightly worried that the water tablets are doing nothing.  I am back to not being hungry, hubby made a salad for tea but I only managed a little ham, a piece of lettuce, some apple, two grapes and part of an avocado.  Not enough for a growing woman like me, Ha!  In fact Bear, who sits by the table and watches every mouthful I eat with envy, decided he wanted to try what was left.  Salad and dogs usually don't go but he enjoyed the avocado and a grape.  Usually if he doesn't like something the moment he puts it in his mouth he drops it out, so I was surprised he ate them and wanted more.
Lexi got a little excited outside and wanted to play, three runs for her Frisbee and she's done, but Bear joined in too.  He wanted to play football - they are really like kids aren't they. 
I rang to see how Chris Shippen is doing, I am pleased to say she is home but she isn't eating and has no energy for anything.  Her grandchild is to be delivered on Tuesday and I pray that Chris will be up and feeling better to be with her daughter and hold her hand. 
To everyone with Mesothelioma and for those who take good care of us I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.  If you live up north there is always Sunderland Air Show to visit. Me, well I'll be in the garden again tomorrow if the weather is ok.

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Anne H said...

Bear sounds just like my girl Macy. She will eat anything. Take care with the grapes Jan as they are poisonous to dogs. I have to say I gave mine lots before I knew this. Same as chocolate, my first Dobe ate loads as I didn't realise it was bad for dogs.