Monday, 8 July 2013

Monday Day 7 -At Sea

My body has given me a run for its money this last few days, we always say what a difference 24 hours makes and it does.  I must admit my mood of Friday has lifted and am getting back up from that well of darkness that sometimes consumes us.  Funny how those days can also make us just pick out the things our partners do that annoy us.

For my sins today I am going to see the fitness guy, I made the appointment when I was angry with hubby for allowing his stomach to beat any 9month pregnant woman, hoping he would get the hint and join me.  He has since told me he is going to try the rowing machine and hope he loses weight.  I still hoped he would come, he needs more than 20 minutes a day on that if he wants to make a dent in his big belly!

My back or my chest are vying for the number one spot of spoiling my holiday again, if one stops aching the other starts, it is an uphill battle with pain, no wonder we get so low.

On a bright note Ian had surgery 4 weeks ago and is out and about playing football with his step sons.  To me that is amazing as at 4 weeks I had just had the last drain removed.

I had an interlude and having spent an hour with the fitness guy who put me through stretches then managed to sell me some muscle relax bath salts making my bill some $330 spent the day on the deck.  Yes I still ache and have probably found new places for my poor body to suffer.  The time is now late afternoon and I fear I also have a touch of sunburn.  The weather on deck has been quite overcast, although warm, and of course we are moving, making you not notice how hot your skin is getting.  We were both out without full sunscreen on, only covering my scar and radiated spots.  My frost bitten skin mark looks whiter than ever against the rest of my body.

Tomorrow we arrive at Hvar, hopefully here we will finally go to a beach and feel the sand beneath our feet and paddle in the sea.  I hear the weather has finally broke and the UK has finally felt the heat of the sun.

With meso I find mornings are the worst and it takes me a while to feel human, I often think I feel better when I am away but these last few days have shattered that dream.  I feel just as ill here as I do waking up at home.

On that note I had better rest this aching body, but I leave you with a question how do we make the most of our life?

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