Friday, 12 July 2013

Venice Our last day

Hard to believe the Cruise has pulled into the last port of call, tonight we will be packing and having our last meal aboard Spirit.

After such strange weather yesterday we had an early night, clear skies when we left the deck and came to our balcony for a nightcap.  At 12.30 am we hit the most beautiful storm out to sea, it seemed we sailed into it for some 2 hours.  The swell of the sea churning against the ship, the sky flashing white every few seconds.  We laid I. Bed and watched the sea Gods do battle outside our portholes.

This morning I have woke with a raging sore throat, maybe I shouldn't have watched those magical events happen during the early hours.

We are going to explore Venice today then pack, seems strange to have to think about leaving or even packing.  I most admit can't wait to see the dogs, missing them.

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