Thursday, 11 July 2013

Thursday -Ravenna

It's nearly 8 am and have pulled up to Ravenna.  Last night we had dinner with a lovely couple of ex pats who now live in Brisbane.  As we were chatting over dinner Ann asked if the reason I didn't dive into freezing water, ie the pool, was because I has a lung problem.  When I told her what it was both of them started telling me how wonderful Bernie had worked to get meso out there in Australia.  Ann asked if she could ask a question on meso and hubby said no, I looked at him with those narrowed eyes and said yes, then explained he won't hold any conversation regarding it.  So her husband and I discussed meso while Ann kept hubby occupied!

But this shows how hard it is for both parties, without my blog to have poured my ups and downs too for the last 5 years and my meso circle because of it, I would have gone mad.  Now
I have Facebook too, but still sometimes it's good to open up with some one else who knows about the cancer or asbestos.

I was also a little unfair on hubby last night too, I did mention his midrift more than a few times, but it is a focus of my anger.  He wasn't too good either, after dinner he felt like something was stuck in his throat and had to come to the room, only to be sick.  Of all the nights as it was desserts under the sky and dance music.  Then he does his martyr thing 'you don't need to come with me' what else does he expect me to do?  Although I have known him go back out when I've come back to the room.

I have watched some characters on this boat, mainly the Brits if they think they have more than you they are bragging if they think you may have more than them they blank you.  Have never known this on a cruise before but maybe because there are less Americans on this one.

Yesterday at Opatija was a beautiful place.  I think we walked a good two hours along the promenade , lidos were dotted here and there.  The resort has some of the oldest hotels but they looked really nice.  It was so hot then about 3 pm we had a thunderstorm, it was lovely to watch it out at sea.

Guess that's me and my writing today, leg is still funny although my back no longer has acute pain, the heart area first thing is extremely heavy and pressure still on my bladder etc, but otherwise fighting fit!

I was so pleased to read that Tess has had good news on chemo, so many people are receiving bad news, it's nice to read some good.

Hope the sun and heat is still in the Uk

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