Thursday, 12 December 2013

Chemo no 4 - Cycle 4

We had high hopes today that we would accomplish wrapping present this afternoon after my chemo, which was due at 1.  The district nurse was on time, Glendale came to give the house a lick and a polish and to be with the dogs.  Gary put a belly pork joint in so it would roast slowly while we were out.

We left the house at 11.45 just in case traffic was bad, we arrived at 12.48 at the chemo lounge and were called in.  The nurse was a male and not in a cheerful mood like the other staff have always been.  I gave him m blood report and my little red book.  He sent us to a seat and we sat quite happily waiting.  He arrived with a pillow and said my bloods were short, no liver function had been done, would need to wait for the resuls, at least an hour and a half .  He did my stats, keeping the screen away from our viewing, so I asked, he wasn't that happy telling me the information, why not its mine!  So off we went for a tea down in WH Smiths cafe, £6 for 2 small packets of crisps and 2 cups of tea, what a rip off!  

Back to the lounge, sorry your bloods are showing your potassium is significantly out of range since Monday so we need more bloods.  We will probably have to admit you so please stay here.  Another arm and more blood.  Then I was called into a 4 bed ward as they wanted an ECG.  I explained I had had a full heart check yesterday and everything was fine, I feel fine, I don't feel ill.  We heard him order my bed for the night. When someone came to do the ECG we told her I had a faulty T4 on the test, I'll tell them, she said.  The male nurse returned with an admission report and he filled it in, only asking the occasional question of me.  Gary asked if he had contacted my own oncologist he said yes but he hadn't taken the call.  Gary kept going on about him speaking to him which was making the nurse more agitated, he walked off then came back with a cannula.  I jumped off the bed and said no way, only if I am admitted would that thing go in, he stormed off muttering he would do it later.  We sat around, my stress level rising.  I emailed my oncologist and said please help they want to admit me!  

A doctor finally arrived, so we went through the facts, including I had had ascities, which wasn't recorded apparently and explains some of the potassium, also the T4, which no one had passed on.  The doc listened to my heart and lungs then said My oncologist had signed me off and I could have the chemo but I needed to send bloods in for Friday.  I can understand them being cautious but this nurse did nothing to elevate my stress, instead just caused it.  Plus introducing a cannular when it may not be needed is stupid and a waste of medical supplies.  

I spoke to another lady who was having treatment, when I said asbestos cancer, mesothelioma just went over their heads, she and her daughter both said  "that's an old mans disease" so it seems people still think that.

I also read today that although myeloma and melanoma have similar mortality rates as meso yet meso had only £400,000 spent on research as recorded by The National Institute Of Cancer in 2011 whereas £5 million was spent on the other two.  This country has the highest death rate of Mesothelioma in the world at the moment.  Money needs to be appropriated to research on our cancer, we need to raise our voices but also hope that the new amendments in The Mesothelioma Bill will bring back the research fund originally included in the Bill.

I apologise for any errors but I am shattered and also doing this on IPad, so can't see everything I have written.

I do hope you had a better day than me and I hope that tonight the chemo just settles in and gives me a good nights sleep so I am ready to fight that tomorrow.

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Amanda said...

We always hit problems whenever there is a new nurse or doctor involved - it does make you feel as though you are battling the individual rather than them helping you.

Plus I hate when they try and hide the screen !!!!
Keep fighting fit for the next round