Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bear's home

What a journey we had on Saturday to bring baby Bear home.  On the way back we had a blow out but didn't realise.  The landrover has had this fault on the suspension since the day I got it, yes I've taken it back time and again but it still happens, so when the suspension light came on and the car started throwing us around we thought it was the fault.  No such luck, when we arrived home the back tyre was as flat as a pancake and I guess the wheel is damaged to.  How we didn't have an accident, especially as it was pouring down, I'll never know, we think we drove a good 50 miles with the knackered tyre!

Bear is a little biter, that will have to come to an end, rubber rings, plastic toys okay, my hands and face is a no no.  He has a right little character about him though, Lexi isn't keen but she's trying bless her. 

I wish I felt a little better as the journey has caused a lot of extra pain, especially on the ribs - I know in future not to travel when the car is throwing you and bouncing up and down!  Gary is exhausted too, I hope we are both fighting a bug but luck will be Gary is fighting a bug and I'm running low on fighting material for the meso.

Lexi has slept on the bed since the arrival of Bear and I found my legs hanging over the side this morning when I woke up!  She had managed to maneuver herself so she could be flat out and had must of the bed Doubt this will help my back aching!

Well better do some work, have elected to work from home this morning and as yet haven't done a thing!

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