Thursday, 31 December 2009

Prof Vogl to talk to Doctors in UK

Hot off the press so to speak but thank god one of our surgeons is fighting the cause and has managed to secure Prof Vogl to come and talk next month at the British Thoracic Oncology Group, its a three day event.   He is going to discuss the technique of chemo-embolisation, You don't know which surgeon has done this, well its John Edwards from Sheffield.  Who say's that surgeons are just interested in opening you up, its good to know that John looks at both sides of treatments, on a personal level I know of only one other surgeon who does that and that's Andy Owens.  We need more Doctors like this who are willing to go that extra distance for us.

I hope that Prof Vogl gives a good speech and that this technique can now be taken seriously over here.  I only hope that Dr Abtin will come over one day and do the same presentation.

Lets hope that the newly diagnosed in 2010 have the option of this treatment available - I can't believe John has managed to get this going and I hope Prof Vogl has good facts and figures to prove how well this treatment works.  He may not be that happy if we end up with it on the NHS as he will loose out financially of course, so that must show the Prof has good integrity if he is willing to share at a cost to himself.

On that note I will go.

Happy New Year to you All

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