Friday, 18 December 2009

Scan Results

It has been a long day and waiting for the clock to turn to your appointment time is like waiting for ice to thaw in the Antarctic but the time came and off we went.  The Doc was running 2 hours late but was worth waiting for as he said


the mass at the bottom (thickening and a funny looking nodule) haven't grown so we are over the moon. 

I was thinking this morning the last time we first had snow was December 5th when we went to Sheffield for the first time to see John Edwards about surgery and I came out, after a 2+ hour wait, feeling depressed with the only thing to look forward to was dying.  The snow was falling heavy today and I was hoping the news wasn't going to be the same, I would then hate snow for the rest of my life! 

I actually made the Doc's day as I am the first person he has ever met who has gone through this type of surgery ..

I have a few worries as it was a different radiologist to the normal who wrote the report and I still want confirmation from Sheffield that it is ok, but on the whole I am so happy.... All I need to do now is find a way to get my muscles to relax and uncurl so that the pain eases!

I am off to celebrate with a drink or two, although am shattered.  Why does it make you so tired when you are waiting for results all week, we don't think we are stressing that much but obviously we do.  I stayed at work longer today and even went in earlier, then came home and vacuumed anything to keep my mind off watching the clock.

Another good thing he said was that the air pockets are shrinking, this means flying might become a reality next year .. I can imagine the sun on my bones as I write this line!  Also means should any growth return I will be able to see Dr Abtin and have it cryo-ablated so fingers are staying crossed that it sorts it self out, but the flight to LA won't be needed for many long years to come.

Must go that B & C is looking awfully tempting to me, thankfully Bear has just fallen asleep so might even manage a few sips in peace.

I hope that everyone else who is waiting for results gets the same good news I have.

My chinaman has certainly ran for the hills!

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