Friday, 11 December 2009


I put the new website up today, hubby hates it and wishes I'd left it alone!  I'm not sure either, I don't think the guestbook works either, but not being a dab hand at all this techno stuff I don't know how to repair the problem!

Your comments on it would be appreciated, I might go back and put the other one back up but will see how this one goes. 

Meanwhile Bear and Lexi are starting to bond, fingers crossed the fence that spilts the living room in two will come down in the next few days.

My scan is booked in for Monday, I hope to God things are looking good and my problems are all down to the travelling I've been doing in the car.  Hopefully the kidney pain is just caused by the muscles which have been pulled and stretched every which way they can go.

Must dash, Bear wants some company.

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