Thursday, 17 December 2009

Thank You

I would like to thank you for the emails of good wishes I have received over the last couple of days.  It is a nice to know that you can take the time out of your day to wish me well and I appreciate the thoughts.

I must say I am not worrying as much as I usually do and I am putting that down to I am due a break from worry and treatments.  It's nearly a year since anything was done to the meso, nearly a record in my history of this cancer, but I am hoping that I will be as good as Graham or Terry and have clear years ahead.

I have just had my hour massage which was wonderful and feeling quite relaxed and pampered.  My therapist has become a good friend, its nearly 5 years since we met, and is doing me an even bigger favour.  Two years ago I bought 2 pairs of trousers and each needed taking up.  I mentioned I'd never got around to doing them and before I could say boo to a ghost she had Gary dig them out of the wardrobe and has took them home to alter.  Spoilt am I not, I was surprised they still fit and because of today's fashion they can still be worn.  I haven't worn a skirt for over a year and seem to live in jeans so it will make a nice change to have some dress trousers on for a change.

Danny has sent his part two of his story, it is a good read as he manages to bring in a lot of humour along with the pain.  If we can't laugh at our situation sometimes then we don't stand a chance.

Any illness is awful to suffer and I always say to someone who is ill that their pain\anxiety is relevant to them and they should never be affraid to share how they feel.  The amount of people I meet at healing and they say Oh I have nothing to worry about compared to you and I always say that's not right.  Illness whether its the flu, back trouble, headaches can bring you down.  My brother has MS and I marvel at how well he deals with things, I worry about him all the time.  MS can get worse overnight and I have seen him go down hill many times, each time the affects of it get worse and yet he always manages to raise a smile.  He makes me feel guilty as I am only working on a morning yet he is still doing 10 hour days. 

On such a positive note I think I will leave it there, tomorrow is another day and either by 6pm tomorrow I will be popping a cork to celebrate or cry, and that's only if the scan results are in, if they aren't then I'll still have a drink anyway.

On that note of drinking does anyone else really enjoy having a drink anymore.  I think the MST has something to do with it, although I don't drink every much and over the last year every little, I don't seem to suffer from hangovers but I never get tidderly anymore either . if you get a chance please let me know how it affects you.

Thanks again for your well wishes and if you're waiting for results GOOD LUCK TO YOU TOO

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